Demo Video Success: Accellion Google Glass App

Accellion has developed an enterprise class app to improve mobile productivity for hospitals. By providing direct access between nursing stations, record databases and radiology via a Google Glass application, doctors can service patients with greater accuracy.

Accellion Classic Demo Video (1:59)


The demo video’s objective is to increase awareness and showcase the functionality of Accellion’s ER Google Glass app. While generating attention and qualified leads, the video will also showcase the app’s ease of use to working professionals within the healthcare environment.

Creative Process

The best way to show Accellion’s Google Glass app was to take potential clients through a walkthrough of its use. While this demo video doesn’t answer every potential question, it gives a sense of what can be expected from the application in a real world scenario. The music and related aesthetic choices keep the focus going forward, as potential buyers are drawn to the action onscreen.

Why Autodemo Likes This Google Glass App Video

Autodemo enjoyed crafting the Google Glass interface with real video footage to depict the actual user experience. Additionally the demo video illustrates how many departments within the healthcare environment would be positively impacted by the app’s ease of use.

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