Explainer Video Success: Trend Micro Deep Security

Trend Micro modern data center security supports Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other compliance audits through centralized security controls and consolidated reporting, saving time and resources. This support helps to overcome the challenges posed by environments that derail internal and regulatory compliance. Trend Micro’s work is important because it provides a standard for security initiatives that might seem daunting to undertake. While working alongside national and global standards, Trend Micro takes the time to make the big picture make sense for corporations.

Trend Micro Trend Micro Explainer Video (3:12)


The Trend Micro explainer video was created to help define what sets apart the new Trend Micro Deep Security software from other corporate security platforms that protect card payment transactions. The video explains in three minutes is how Deep Security impacts the overall corporate picture. Autodemo stages the video as part of a greater introduction to the product. The B2B marketer’s time is important and enticing the viewer at each section of the video is paramount.

Creative Process

Autodemo crafted this video with 2D graphics that give way to a 3D perspective. Graphic animation cleverly allows viewers to understand how Trend Micro Deep Security helps organizations apply the appropriate security policies and reduce vulnerabilities. Smooth transitions layered throughout the video help to dissect the explanation into focal points that work together to focus on different area of relevance. This creative process works hand-in-hand with the video’s objective to captivate while informing the audience.

Why Autodemo Likes This Security Video

This video effectively explains what sets Trend Micro Deep Security apart from the competition. Security software can be very complex and difficult to understand, making it less accessible and transparent. But this video is entertaining, educational and engaging, all while delivering the key messages Trend Micro wanted to convey to the marketplace about Deep Security.

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