Avoid These 3 Common Demo Video Mistakes

When beginning a demo video project with a new client, we are often asked to provide advice about best practices and common mistakes that can hinder the production process.   demo, mistakes

Avoiding these common mistakes can help keep production on track so your video’s content will hit the right note with your prospects and you’ll hit your demo video delivery deadline.

#1. Losing Touch With Your Audience – One of the most common mistakes we see is putting too much focus on the impressive “bells and whistles” of your product, and not enough on how it addresses the needs of your potential buyers. Put the focus on them, not you.

To create an exceptional demo, it’s a good idea to clearly identify the major “pain points” your solution addresses. Don’t dwell on them, but touching on them briefly should resonate with your viewers and set the hook for them to want to learn about your product. Then an effective demo will allow your product to sell itself.

#2. Content Overload – With today’s increasingly fickle buyer, grabbing and keeping their attention is a big challenge. Your demo video needs to be short and to-the-point. Covering too many of the features of your solution is a recipe for disaster. You’ll lose viewers or they won’t remember your key messages.  

So, leave the drill downs to your sales team and stick to two or three wow factors that make your product stand out from the competition.

#3. Keeping Stakeholders in the Dark – It can be difficult to get all the right stakeholders on the same page, but you’ll avoid costly delays and frustrations if you involve them early and often.  We set review milestones with our clients to make sure decisions get run up the flagpole. The key is to keep it simple and high-level, so stakeholders can endorse the direction without spending a lot of unnecessary time reviewing details that will likely get tweaked anyway. Everyone’s time is important, so make it easy for them to be involved in the direction of the project, so you can keep things moving toward a successful conclusion.