Exceptional Demo Videos: Writing an Engaging Script

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For nearly twenty years, Autodemo has led the way in producing demo videos to showcase and promote our clients’ unique technology solutions. In that time, we’ve learned the foundation of any effective demo video is an engaging script. In this post, we discuss the ingredients needed for your video script. 

An Engaging Script

Key Messages – Start by nailing down your key messages; these are the most important points for your target audience to “take away” or remember most about your product. Once you’ve locked down these key messages, you’ll find that crafting the script will be much easier. Plus, the key messages will help you decide which visuals you want to include in the demo video.   

Intro – An engaging script starts with a compelling intro. Capture viewer attention quickly with a catchy, inviting intro of 30 seconds or less. Context is key. Whether you want to establish a problem statement or highlight your key benefits, be sure your script will resonate with your audience. Also, be sure to keep it at a high level – nothing will turn off prospects faster then touting specific features they don’t need.  

Tone of Voice – You’ll also want to keep in mind how the tone of your script affects viewer impressions. Before diving deep into script writing, focus on the nature of your brand and the attitude you’d like to convey about your product. Odds are that at this stage, you’re very aware of the primary types of viewers you want to target, so tailor your script to best fit the tone of your audience’s lifestyles and habits.  

Constructive Criticism – Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for constructive criticism when you’ve completed your first draft – getting others involved early in the script writing process can help you identify weaknesses and emphasize the strengths of your script, making the end result even more compelling and engaging.