#TBT – Top 10 Reasons to Use Demos

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10. Takin’ it to the Tradeshows: The business version of the old rock ‘n’ roll strategy of taking it to the streets — only this way, you get more sales leads than groupies.

9. Sell while you’re sleeping: Demos are on-demand. They work on viewers’ schedules, whatever and whenever they may be — on your website in the late afternoon, on LinkedIn or Facebook first thing in the morning, catching up on e-mails in the middle of the night.

8.  Video demos are perfect for sharing on blogs, social media, e-newsletters, or any other potential spots for embedding with viral capabilities. Demos by Autodemo stream instantly, with no plug-ins or download time, so they play straight from where they’re placed, like e-mails (for example, right after employee signatures).

7. Educate from within: show your investors, board members, employees, and other vital parties exactly what you’re doing. Give them a better understanding of what you do by showing, not telling. It will help them sell your solution.

bullseye, top 10, graphic6. Proven ROI: According to a recent study by Animoto, 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video and videos increased conversion by 30%.

5. Engagement: Both small businesses and enterprise say producing engaging content is one of their biggest challenges, according to the Content Marketing Institute. The same institute reports, 70% of B2B marketers use online video in their strategies to engage.

4. Cultivate consistency: Across the board, from sales to marketing to the executive suites, arm your entire organization with the same high-quality, articulate message for promoting your  business and solution.

3. Empower your sales force: Videos cut straight to the heart of the sales cycle to deliver qualified leads directly into the pipeline. Sales reps can begin contacts with “You’ve seen our autodemo, how can we answer any questions you have?”

2. Increase efficiency: No more giving the same demonstration 15 times a day. Let your demo do the heavy lifting, for example when you go live with a product launch.

1. They see it, they want it:you offer something new, revolutionary. People will jump into your sales pipeline as soon as they understand how it will benefit them. The trick is to show them just enough, well enough.

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