Autodemo Turns 15

Launches new website and continues to be the Software Demo Leader

(Louisville, Kentucky – April 23, 2013) Somewhat typical of revolutionary ideas born in the Dot-Com heyday, Autodemo was conceived in the parking lot of a mega-corporation during a game of hacky sack. But unlike so many other great software and technology ideas, Autodemo founder JC Stites built his concept into a successful business that’s thriving 15 years later, more than a decade after the Dot-Com Bubble burst.

He first heard the term “autodemo” on a break in the parking lot at Microsoft, where he was part of a marketing project for the company’s new server operating system. Feedback on that work was: the marketing stuff is fine, but we love these demos you’ve developed! Those software demos were “automated demonstrations,” or autodemos, which presented the technical programming concepts of the new OS in digestible, interpretable chunks.

Stites returned to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, to start Autodemo. His philosophy: technology would undoubtedly continue to flourish, computer screens would continue to multiply, and software would perpetually outdate itself and need to be refreshed. The underlying trend lines for his business looked very strong.

His humble 1998 beginning was in his garage creating these software demos practically no one had heard of. The first objective was landing a key client, then dominating the niche by working hard to gain more well-known brands as clients.

Within two years, he landed a contract with Microsoft to develop demos for their next new operating system, Windows 2000. Two years later, he was developing demos for, Yahoo!, and The New York Times Co. By 2004, the company had moved into a renovated 1950s church and an estimated 20 to 25 million people had viewed an autodemo as Stites added more big name clients. At the same time, Facebook was just being born in Harvard dormrooms, YouTube was still a year away and Tweeting was still just known as something birds did.

Autodemo put their 1,000th demo project behind them in 2007 while developing new solutions for emerging technology platforms. Now with more than 2,500 demos produced for more than 425 clients, the company also offers other trademarked solutions, like website tours, an iPad app and Promo ™ concept videos in addition to the Autodemo Software Demo that has been core to the business.

More than 15 years after that revolutionary game of hacky sack, there’s more competition in the field pioneered by Autodemo. The passion Stites has fostered in his business for showcasing new technology in a way everyone can understand keeps Autodemo the leader in the field of software demos.

The company recently launched a new website featuring new projects and additional solutions for their evolving client base. You can visit that site at

Press Contact: Erin Jones, in.Mode Marketing, LLC, erin@inmodemarketing.com502.774.0767


About Autodemo:  Autodemo is the leading developer of software and website demos.  Founded in 1998 by JC Stites, Autodemo’s focus and passion for creating compelling demos has attracted many of the world’s best companies.  Autodemo’s broad demo solution includes sales tools for software companies and website tutorials for popular websites.  Every day, Autodemo’s expertise is on display on desktops, tablets and smart phones around the globe.  For more information, please visit, or twitter@autodemo.