Top 10 places to use your software demo

(Spot #6: Your blog!)

Have you taken the time to produce a first-rate software demo that resonates with your audience? Great!

Now all you have to do is make sure as many prospects as possible see it.

Here are ten spots that can significantly impact your demo’s reach:

1.) Your email signature

Imagine how many people would have access to your software demo if every employee email signature included a link to it.

2.) Your trade show booth

While your sales and marketing team are giving live demos, let your automated software demo run on a loop from a monitor in your booth–it will attract more traffic than any flat banner with your company’s tagline and logo.

3.) Your sales team’s mobile devices

Even if your software does not run on a tablet or iPad, your demo should. Imagine your VP of Sales waiting to board her flight when she learns that the guy seated next to her is the perfect prospect for your enterprise solution. Now imagine her reaching for her iPad to show him your software in action.

4.) Your company profile paragraph

If your company does PR, then there is a good chance you have an “About Our Company” paragraph that is included on the bottom of every press release, news item, and marketing piece you publish. It’s your company bio and it needs to include a link to your product demo. If you want to get the media’s attention, don’t tell them what you do–show them.

5.) Your online newsletter

Does your company publish an email newsletter? Consider including a link to your software demo as a regular feature in your newsletter’s sidebar to add more dynamic content that engages your reader.

Our autodemos are equipped with a 1-click autoplay feature, making it possible for the autodemo to play straight from an email. Our monthly updates always include links to sample autodemos because they consistently drive the most traffic back to our website.

6.) Your blog

As I was putting together this list, I realized that there are a few key areas where we’re not practicing what we preach. See the video above–it’s a quick overview of an autodemo. As soon as I hit publish, I’ll be off to spot-check our other social media pages so that we’re following all the rules we’ve listed here.

7.) Your company Linkedin page

Earlier this year, HubSpot discovered that Linkedin generated a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate  than Twitter or Facebook. It’s simple math: putting your number one lead-gen tool in the place most likely to deliver the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rates equals maximized ROI.

8.) Your company Facebook page

Facebook makes it easy to upload and share videos; we use our company Facebook page to spotlight featured client autodemos because it helps spread our work around as well as promote our clients.

9.) Your company profile on Twitter and in direct messages

You only have 160 characters to build out your company’s Twitter profile (unless you create a Twitter landing page which we never even considered until we got the tip from, so use them wisely. Include a URL to your website and make sure the landing page touts your software demo. (Also, take advantage of Twitter’s direct message feature to send new followers a link to the demo as well.)

10.) Your website

Duh! Right? But, just slapping a software demo on your website and hoping people will watch it isn’t enough. Give your demo prime real estate on your homepage (or, if you have multiple products, on the product’s main page). The link or button that launches your demo needs to include contextual language–“Watch a 5-minute demo now!”–that encourages users to take a look at the one thing you want them to see most–your solution in action.