“Hello? Generation Y? This is Generation X calling…”

My little brother called to wish me a happy birthday and I missed his call. We were  finally able to connect two days later, “Sorry, it’s taken so long to wish you Happy Birthday,” he said, “You’re a hard person to get a hold of.”

“I saw your missed call,” I said, “You know, my phone does have voicemail.”

“My missed call is your voicemail,” was his reply.

My brother turned 25 this year, a whole generation younger than me. While I barely made the cut-off for Generation X, he is classified as a Generation Y or “Millennial.” According to a recent article from WSJ.com, Millennials are, “… tech-savvy, racially diverse, socially interconnected and collaborative.”

They also communicate in a whole different way.

Millennials want their information quickly and on their preferred platform. Voicemail? No. Twitter? Yes.

My brother doesn’t want to leave a voicemail message or listen to one. He rarely checks his personal email. He texts, tweets, and scrolls his Facebook feed intermittently throughout the day.

If I wanted to market to him, I would need to make the message dynamic and to the point. I’d have to offer it up in a way that he could receive it via a reference from a friend or colleague, and could in turn spread the message around easily enough through his own social media networks.

My brother may or may not be your target market–but if you are a B2B technology organization, there is a good chance you are being evaluated by more and more Generation Y professionals. Why not give them a marketing and sales tool that can speak directly to them?

Autodemos offers the flexibility to tell your message on various platforms while giving your audience the information they want in the most efficient and effective way possible. You can track its usage and measure its success—it’s the one marketing tool that can speak to all generations.