Mistake #4 – No tracking features

During the last few weeks, we have published a series of blog posts covering the top five most common mistakes made when building a software demo in-house.

Today we’re talking about user analytics, something that is easy enough to leverage, but often overlooked when it comes to tracking your software demo’s success.

You can review our newsletter listing all five mistakes, or read an in-depth synopsis on the first three at:

  1. No professional scriptwriter
  2. No audio, or worse, poorly produced audio
  3. Clumsy technology

As a marketer, one of your primary responsibilities is measuring your efforts, from lead-gen initiatives to social media engagement and conversion rates. Attaching tracking features to your software demo not only helps you discern your demo’s success, but can also deliver valuable prospect information to give you deeper insight into your target market.

Autodemos have integrated tracking features that allow you to see important user analytics. They offer a broader view of your demo’s usage, capable of answering questions like:

  • Are your prospects watching the entire demo?
  • What’s the most popular content within your demo?
  • If prospects are closing the demo before it’s complete, where are they opting out?
  • What are the most common browsers used to view your demo?

Our most recent tracking feature updates allow you to integrate your demo’s usage with your chosen web analytic tool.

If you’re taking the time to produce an automated software demo to use on your website, in email marketing, and across your social media platforms, you should be implementing tracking features to gauge your demo’s success and gather valuable prospect date.

It’s the only way to guarantee your software demo is doing its job, and the best way to prove you are doing yours.