Introducing the Autodemo WalkThru

iPad, Screenshot, WalkthruWe are excited announce the newest software sales tool in our extensive line of software demo solutions. It’s the Autodemo WalkThru, a one-on-one presentation tool that takes software sales to a new level.

The WalkThru, developed for one-on-one sales presentations, makes it easy to demonstrate your software’s key features on an iPad, even if your software product in not specifically built for the iPad.

“More and more of our clients were asking for a sales tool that leveraged the content of their autodemos, but offered more flexibility when meeting with prospects in person,” says JC Stites, CEO and Founder of Autodemo, “The WalkThru takes the very content used to build the autodemo, but provides an easily controlled sales tool that can be leveraged on an iPad.”

The perfect complement to every sales conversation, WalkThrus:

  • Offer an easy-to-use, one-on-one or one-to-few presentation tool.
  • Present your software’s key features and benefits without the actual application.
  • Give your sales force full control, setting the pace and flow of information.

WalkThrus are produced by Autodemo’s team of expert demo-developers, offering a professional and polished sales tool that enhances one-on-one sales presentations and helps software companies better demonstrate their solution’s key features and benefits.