Video marketing: a software marketer’s dream come true

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Snapshot from Michael Stelzner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Report

This is a very brief snapshot from’s latest industry report, the 2012 Social Media Marketing Report.

Full disclosure: is a valuable resource with volumes of social media marketing information headed-up by Michael Stelzner, who also happens to be the guy who helped us write this white paper on software demos a few years back.

Michael is a smart and savvy marketing expert. He knows what he’s talking about.

That’s why we trust him when he reports that the bulk of marketing budgets will be invested in VIDEO MARKETING this year. (See the third bullet in the snapshot above.) This is good news for us. Autodemos are delivered as video files for this specific reason, so they can be leveraged easily on social media platforms like YouTube.

But, it’s even better news for software marketers. Never has it been so easy to extend the reach of your software demo and deepen your lead pool with minimum time and effort.

Our autodemos are “YouTube-friendly” because we understand how important it is to make your software demo readily accessible and easily shared.

Taking the time to produce an effective marketing demo that showcases your solution’s unique benefits is only the first step to video marketing. To move your prospects further into your sales funnel, you have to make sure your demo can be viewed on any device–desktop, notebook, or mobile device without losing its original production qualities. You don’t want it to look blurred or be re-sized in a way that weakens content just because someone’s watching it on their phone.

Other details to consider:

  • Does your demo include a sharing function so that prospects can pass it along to colleagues and other decision makers?
  • What does it look like when embedded in your company’s latest blog post?
  • Does it have an autoplay link that allows it to play straight from an email? Like this?

If you’re doing it right, these are the things you will be spending time and money on when it comes to your 2012 video marketing initiatives.

[You can find SocialMediaExaminer’s full 2012 Social Media Marketing Report at:]