Using rich media and video in emails

MarketingSherpa.comrich, media, video, email, marketing recently reported on a wildly successful B2B newsletter that included video; the email campaign resulted in a 43% open rate and a 40% clickthrough rate.

It’s no secret that more and more marketers are finding the right mix of rich media and video can dramatically impact their email marketing response rates. Many authoring tools for HTML emails make it easy to integrate rich media and video; but, you can’t simply insert a video into your next email and cross your fingers.

Here are a few insights to consider before you leverage rich media and video to spice up your email marketing efforts:

  • Make sure your rich media or video pulls the right leads. Being creative can increase the chances of your video going viral; but, if your creativity isn’t bringing the right leads to your website, you may be generating a lot of buzz with little pay-off.
  • Don’t underestimate the reach of employee email signatures. Do you have a standard email signature that employees use? What if you included a graphic or button that launched your product demo within the email? Every email sent from your organization could increase your product’s exposure.
  • What’s your call to action? Your rich media and/or video should do more than engage prospects, it should move them further into your sales cycle. Use the opportunity to gain more traction with your leads by leveraging a registration page, or offering a link to more valuable information, like a white paper or case study.
  • Make it easy to share. Once you have your prospect’s attention, make it easy for them to share your video on their social media networks or embed into a blog.

Autodemos include a 1-click autoplay feature, allowing them to play straight from an email like this. Your prospects immediately see your product in action, while you watch your email conversion rates skyrocket.

The objective is to get as many prospects as possible to immediately understand your solution’s primary benefits. Autodemos are a dynamic sales and marketing tool that exceed expectations every time.