3 Tips to jump-start prospect conversations

Your primary goal is to begin authentic and informative conversations that demonstrate your product’s key features and benefits with as many prospects as possible. The sooner you begin this conversation, the quicker you will pull qualified leads that have an understanding and interest in your software’s differentiators. Leveraging a professionally-produced demo on your website is the first step toward this goal; but, to take full advantage of your demo, you have to think beyond your website.

Here are three quick tips we encourage our clients to consider to quickly start the conversation with their target audience:

1.) Convert it to video.
Convert your demo to video so that it can easily be posted on industry blogs and your favorite social media sites. In the same way you can embed a YouTube video, an autodemo can be converted to video for viral capabilities.

If you have multiple products, create a YouTube channel to act as your demo-center where prospects can browse your library of products and easily share them with other colleagues.

2.) Make it available to play straight from an email message.
Imagine being able to send marketing and sales emails that dynamically showcase your software in a clear and concise fashion. Our 1-Click Play capabilities allow autodemos to play straight from an email.

Every employee should have a 1-Click Play autodemo link in their email signature, spreading your product’s exposure with every email your company sends.

3.) Make it mobile.
This is more of a marketing rule than a tip. At the rate people are accessing your website from mobile devices, you are taking a huge risk by not making your online marketing efforts mobile-friendly.

Can your demo play on an iPad? What does it look like on an Android phone or Blackberry? Make sure you’re not losing prime opportunities to begin a conversation with leads who use their phone more than their desktop.

Autodemo knows first-hand how to build demos that start valuable conversations with strong leads.

For more than ten years, we’ve been producing software demos that dramatically impact lead-gen initiatives and improve marketing efforts. Our autodemos enable you to provide consistent messaging across multiple platforms, increasing product exposure and reinforcing your brand.

Schedule a call with us today to find out how we can boost your marketing and sales efforts and help you start more conversations with qualified leads.