Email Videos Boost Sales [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your business needs to use email videos to boost leads, conversions & sales. First of all, marketers who make this email video integration generate 40% higher monthly revenues. Click-through rates increase by 55% and conversions increase by 24%. If that wasn’t enough, consumers spend 44% more time reading the email. A fair share of marketers are confused by this, but it’s simple. Video is easy to understand. Due to the motion of the┬ávideo consumers form an attachment to your company’s message.

Today’s share comes from GetResponse. 81% of marketers are planning to increase video in email marketing or begin the process within the year. However, there is no one video format that works for all email clients. Most marketers work around this by leaning heavy on HTML5 content and animated gifs. Video embeds work in newer clients, but most marketers tend to point customers to a video landing page. Most of all, by blending these approaches, it’s proven that marketers can reach 90% or greater of their target audience.

Demo and explainer videos tend to be among the videos best utilized for email videos. Consumer preference shows that they want relevant content that explains or educates in said email. These consumers also want videos of appropriate length. In addition, the video should also serve as the main point of communication in the email’s body. Finally, sell consumers with the subject line and close the deal with that first visual greeting. Feel free to browse the infographic and contact Autodemo with any questions.

video in email infographic